500 Years Old

March 29th, 2016 marked 500 years since the establishment of the Jewish Ghetto of Venice.

To honour the historical anniversary,  to foster the Jewish heritage of the site and guarantee its future as a key religious, cultural and artistic site open to people worldwide, the Jewish Community of Venice and the Municipality of Venice have formed a Committee (“I 500 anni del Ghetto di Venezia”) whose function is to promote and coordinate all events that reflect and respect the spirit of the occasion, in collaboration with national and international institutions as well as individuals.

The overall program of initiatives is going to re-establish the Ghetto, the Jewish quarter where the very word ‘ghetto’ originated, as a meeting point of people, a crossroads of cultures, a gateway to understanding the history of Jewish civilization, and a symbol of freedom beyond walls.

The main events managed and endorsed by the Committee are: the opening ceremony and concert at the Fenice Opera House (March 29th 2016), the exhibition on “Venice, the Jews and Europe” at Palazzo Ducale (June-November 2016) and the transformation of the Jewish Museum.

While the Committe has decided to promote and sponsor three major projects, which will constitute the core framework of the anniversary, this website will showcase many other initiatives organized in Venice to mark and celebrate the local Jewish legacy.

Credits for the video posted above: Director:  Elia Romanelli, Camera Operator and Editing:   Giuseppe Drago, Motion Graphic:  Carlotta Penso, Music: Stefano Codin

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