What Helps Me To Keep My Sober And Happy Living

As you guys have read, I’m a second generation immigrant, Italian to be exact. I love my Italian heritage and even own a portion of my parents’ pizzeria. I know, it’s a cliché, but somehow I don’t mind it that much. There’s something about being close to my family that really makes the days go by easier.

That’s my first bit of advice about staying sober by the way, staying close to your family. The road to recovery can be a long one, and it lasts your whole life. This means you need to surround yourself with a good support network to make sure you stand up strong and ready in the face of your struggles.

When you are lucky like me and have a family that really cares about you, then they look out for you. You hold yourself accountable because you want to, not because you have to, and if you don’t you can bet your family will speak up.

They also provide a good distraction if I feel that I want to use heroin. Yeah, even after all that I still sometimes feel like I want to use. This can happen when stressful situations appear, like the time my girlfriend left me.

My family knew I was struggling and one of my brothers stayed with me for a while. That made me realize I had the support that I needed and kept me from making a dumb mistake that I would certainly regret.

Getting heroin addiction treatment was obviously the best choice for me, and it can be for you as well. The only way to really quit heroin is by having treatment. It’s dangerous to do it alone and more likely it ends in relapse.

I know that not everyone has amazing support that I do and a family that loves them. That really sucks, and I’m sorry if that is the case for you.

There are options out there though that can help you get support. I know Narcotics Anonymous can feel like a cliché, but I’m living proof that clichés don’t have to be something bad or silly. Instead, check it out.

There is a really good reason why Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous have been around for long a time and that is because they really work. Having a group of people around who get where you are coming from and can relate to your experiences makes a recovery easier.

You have a safe place to talk about how you feel and how you are doing and even a chance to get advice or help from people who have already been through it before. Give it a chance, you never know how it may help you. Just give yourself a chance at success and having a good support system, it’s the best-proven way to find success in your addiction recovery.

For me, I’ve found that support the most integral part of my recovery.


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